Machine factory since 1946

The company Dedy GmbH was founded in 1946 by Wilhelm Dedy Senior. Since then this family-owned enterprise, now in the third generation, has been making confectionery and chocolate making machines for small craft companies as well as large-scale ones.

The machines made by Dedy stand for quality, innovation and an excellent after-sales service. They are exported world-wide.

The Dedy enrobing machines with a belt width from 120mm up to 420mm are movable and suitable for all enrobing jobs. The machines are supplied according to specific customer wishes either with short take-off tables and paper, special take-off tables with photo eye (stop-and-go for batch working) or with cooling tunnel. In addition to manufacturing chocolate enrobing machines and cooling tunnels, Dedy specializes in the production of chocolate melting and tempering kettles, praline cutters, cookie cutters and small devices for chocolate processing.

What is special about Dedy machines is the fact, that their manufacture is backed by decades of knowhow and experience and that they are being constantly improved. Even individual customer wishes can always be taken into account.

Insights into the production

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