cool and dry

The Dedy Cooling Tunnel
Dry drainage track
The Dedy 1,5m Take-Off-Table

The Dedy Cooling Tunnel

can be produced for all bandwidths and also can be adjusted to enrobing machines of other manufacturers. Its standard width is 320mm and its standard length 6 meters; 1 m decoration table – 4 m cooling tunnel – 1 m take-off table. According to customer requirement the cooling tunnel can also be produced with a significantly increased length. The decoration- and take-off tables are equipped with a belt control unit. The engine is frequency-controlled.

All cooling tunnel covers can be easily removed for efficient cleaning. The entire cooling tunnel is made out of stainless steel; the belts are made out of embossed stainless steel sheets. The air circulation compressor is infinitely variable and the cooling air is dried at maximum. The counter current process guarantees for a gentle cooling of the products to be enrobed. Switching to a light barrier control unit is the precondition for optimal utilization of the duration time of the products to be enrobed in the cooling tunnel.

A special highlight is the „Dedy Glass Cooling Tunnel“ which makes it possible for the customer to view the entire manufacturing process from the placing of the products to be enrobed (e.g. truffles) on the belt, their enrobing with chocolate, their drying in the glass cooling tunnel, up to their removal and packaging.

Power supply: 1 ph; 230 V / 50-60Hz; 2,5 KW
Dimensions: Length 6000mm x Width 680mm x Height 1300mm

  1. feeding
  2. enrober
  3. automatic beld steering
  4. decorating
  5. Kcooling compressor
  6. automatic belt steering
  7. automatic belt steering
  8. take off table

Dry drainage track

220mm – 420mm belt width,
6 m long made of stainless steel,
with photo eye and speed control,
Tape break,
pneumatic belt control with integrated air compressor

The Dedy 1,5m Take-Off-Table

with a paper roll is the perfect addition for every enrobing machine. The belt can be connected to the machine with a clutch. It is possible for one single person to operate the machine, as the photo eye allows the device to start and stop automatically just by recognizing the enrobed goods. It stops after a pre-determined time when no more items are placed on the machine. This is possible because the belt has its own engine.

The centred guidance of the belt guarantees perfect directional stability. Its belt speed is infinitely variable. The take-off table has wheels and is movable.

Power supply: 1ph; 230 V / 50-60 Hz; 0,25 KW
Dimensions: Length 1500mm x Width 520mm x Height 900mm


for your enrober is available in the following sizes: 120mm, 180mm, 220mm, 250mm, 320mm and 420mm

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